-Brenda’s Comment/Testimonial

“Krystle, my heart and soul leaps for joy because you found yoga, and have become a dedicated practitioner….and I am humbled that your journey started at The Yoga Room. You are on a path most never have the discipline to start, or if they do, they get side-tracked or merely dabble here and there. But you, no you have “taken the plunge” as you profoundly say. Becoming a student of yoga is like a baptism of sorts, because on the deepest layers of your being, EVERYTHING changes. You will never be the same because your awareness of yourself and the world around you is profoundly, yet subtly different because of mindfulness. A change in our awareness is the essence of yoga, not how flexible you are, or a fancy pose you’ve mastered. Weeding out the mindless chatter, becoming present, and listening to that inner wisdom which guides us to make wise decisions that support what matters most in our lives. That is the effects of a regular yoga practice. And that is what I see in you. Never forget: we are all just spiritual beings having a human experience. Om Shanti.”