Are You Exhausted Momma? Try These Tips for A Boost of Energy

It’s Momma Monday, and after a long weekend of working, and a big birthday party for my little guy who just turned 3, I’m exhausted. Mondays are normally very long tiring days for me.

Most Moms that I know biggest struggle is being tired! If only we could bottle the energy of our little ones, we would be set for life! Unfortunately that’s not possible, but there are some easy things you can do to give your self a little extra boost of energy.

Energy Boosters for Exhausted Moms

Drink Plenty of Water

Yep, its that simple! Now some of you might say “Keep your H20, I’ll keep my coffee or energy drink. Now don’t get me wrong, I live on coffee, but fact of the matter is, coffee doesn’t hydrate my body! I’m guilty as all hell, cause I don’t drink enough water myself.

But when I do drink water, and I normally drink cucumber infused water, because I just don’t like plain water, I do feel much more energized. Honestly I feel better all around.

Force of Nature


As busy as us Moms can be, finding time to exercise may seem impossible. Like my schedule is already jam packed full with a Threenager, my job, my husband, my blog…the list goes on and on.

But I do try to make time at least 3 hours a week to do a little exercise. Now it isn’t too strenuous, I mostly practice Yoga at home. Even just some slow stress relief Yoga in the evening.

I also like to go for walks in the evening with my little guy. We like to go walk around the lake and look at the flowers on Sundays. It’s nice to get out and enjoy nature. Nature has a natural effect on your energy levels. Mother nature is by far the best energy booster I know of.

Eat Healthy Snacks

I’m a sucker for Rice Krispy Treats, candy bars, twizzlers, but lets be real here….that’s all CRAP! So I try to make a habit of eating healthy snacks like carrots, or protein bars, and protein shakes.

I have learned that when I am craving some kind of sugary treat, it’s because my body s trying to tell me it needs something. And handful of your favorite peanuts will give you a good healthy energy boost.

Get 7-8 Hours of Sleep a Night

This is a biggie! This may just be the number one reason most moms lack energy. Its easy to stay up late because you have so much to do. And what better time to get things done than when everyone in the house has gone to bed. Well, you should probably get your butt to bed too.

Start out by going to bed 10-15mins earlier than you normally would for one week. Then, the next week go to bed 15-20 mins earlier. Continue this process till you meet your optimum sleep hours and feel rested when you get up.

Go ahead and give these tips a try for a couple weeks. Let me know how you feel.

Are you an exhausted mom? What is your favorite energy booster?


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