My Sweet November- When you meet “The One” You’ll Know

“They” have always told me, “When you meet the ‘Right One’ you will know!” “They” could never tell me HOW. But insisted that I would know with every inch of my being.

This is my story of how I met ‘The One’ and how I “Just Knew”!

November 4th, 2017 Me and Matthews entire lives changed.

November 4th, 2017 I was a single mom, working two jobs, and barley holding it together. It was Matthew and I against the world.

“And not to mention, this guy called me “Bro” about 1000 times in 5 mins!!”

November 3rd, 2017 one of the lunch regulars at the restaurant I work at came in to eat with his dad, as they usually did. Only thing was, this guy had asked me out a year before….. and well, that date did not go so well. Lol

Single Mom Life. Exhausted!

Backstory: Matthew was about 2-3 months old and this guy asked me out to dinner. He was cute… tall, dark hair, dark eyes, and a KILLER SMILE!! So I said yes. I was nervous, and not sure if I should…. being a new mom and being all alone I felt like I needed to give motherhood my full and undivided attention. (Matthew had just began his colic- pure hell!)

Matthew 2 months old- when colic started.

There just wasn’t time to “date”. And not to mention, this guy called me “Bro” about 1000 times in 5 mins!!!!!!!! I made him stop eating in the middle of our date and take me back. I didn’t even touch my dinner. (Shame on me I know).

“When you meet ‘The One’, you’ll know!” Tricky part though, is if God doesn’t think you are ready, you won’t “know”. But when it’s time, and everything is right…. he will show you every moment of the rest of your lives in an instant.”

Fast forward a year…him and his dad stroll in for lunch. I’m the only waitress working so I HAD to wait on them! Ugh! (Any other time they came in another waitress was working, so I was able to avoid him all together- I was embarrassed and afraid to talk to him after blowing him off the year before.)-

I swallowed my pride and walked up to the table (keep in mind, I look like complete HELL- that morning I did not have time to take a shower, I had spit up in my hair and on my shirt from Matthew that morning. No makeup, hair not brushed etc.) somehow I managed to sputter out the words “Hey guys! How’s it going today?!” (My heart was RACING!).

Another Single MomLife Pic

They respond with the usual “Good, how are you?” And then HE asked me “How’s that little one, how old is he now?” – just normal pointless banter b/w customer and waitress.

Honestly I was a complete nervous wreck the entire time they were there. But FINALLY they left and I was able to calm down. But not even 10 mins after they left I get this FB message from HIM.

Facebook Message from Brandon asking me out again.

He asked me out AGAIN!!!! Seriously?!?? I was shocked!

After some back and forth chat, I agreed. But thing was…… I didn’t have a babysitter or even money to pay one if I did. So I told him our date would have to be at my place AFTER Matthew had went to bed, as I was not going to let Matthew be any part of my “dating life”.

He says “Ok what time should I come by then?”

OH EM GEE!!!!! He wanted to come over THAT NIGHT!

I didn’t have to work the next day so I put Matthew to bed and let him know he could come over and watch a movie.

Photo Credit Maddie Good

He came over , I started a movie (Planet of the Apes), and he laid his head on my lap….. it was sooooo oddly comfortable.

Halfway through the movie, I get one of the worst calls…. it was my hysterical mother telling me that my 25 year old baby sister had gone into cardiac arrest and was put into a medicated coma and was being air lifted to Syracuse Hospital up home in New York. 😢

“He’s the one! This is it! Holy fucking shit!”

He sat up and said “I understand if I need to leave…” But I didn’t want him to leave!!!! So I asked him to stay. And he did. And he held me the entire night.

The next morning I got up to make coffee and hopefully get him out before Matthew woke up. And while I was in the kitchen I hear Matthew wake up (6am as usual).

And guess who comes walking out with Matthew in his arms?!?! Sets him down and gets in all 4s and starts to play with Matthew.

Brandon and Matthew XMas Pics Dec 2017

Matthews laugh just echoed and echoed through the house. I walked into the living room to let him know coffee was done, but I couldn’t spit out the words.

I watched him interact with Matthew in complete silence. And yes this is going to sound weird as hell, but at THAT MOMENT I KNEW.

Just a boy and his Dad.

He’s the one! This is it! Holy fucking shit! And I started to freak out. I spent ONE evening with this man, and the rest of our lives together flashed before my eyes in that instant!!!!!! I thought for sure I was loosing my mind! Yep Krystle, you have totally lost it! Lmao!!!!

Photo Credit: Maddie Good

I seen our future. I seen us getting married. I seen Matthew calling him Daddy. Literally the rest of our lives together in a matter of seconds flashed before me. I was scared shitless. But it felt right, it felt normal. THIS IS HOW IT IS SUPPOSE TO FEEL.

From that day on we have been inseparable! All 3 of us.

Photo Credit: Maddie Good

I read a lot of “Anniversary posts” on FB, and always see the “we’ve had our ups and downs….”

I can’t say that. Cause there haven’t been any downs. None! Any disagreement between us lasts a whole 40 mins and we are over it. It’s been nothing but UP for us.

Photo Credit: Maddie Good

This man stepped up and took Matthew and I into his life. He spoils us both completely rotten!

He is Matthews Dad.

He is the BEST DAD any boy could ask for and the best man any woman could ever dream of having.

Fathers Day 2018

Our entire lives changed that Sweet Day in November. And what “They” say is true! “When you meet ‘The One’, you’ll know!” Tricky part though, is if God doesn’t think you are ready, you won’t “know”. But when it’s time, and everything is right…. he will show you every moment of the rest of your lives in an instant.

Brandon, Matthew and I are happy as ever. Life is perfect. We are engaged and plan to Marry April of 2020.

4 thoughts on “My Sweet November- When you meet “The One” You’ll Know

  1. SUCH a great love story! What a gorgeous family the three of you make too! Congrats on your future together! 👪


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