Self Care Tips For Moms Who Suck At It

It doesn’t matter if you have one child or six of those little fuckers running around. Self care should be your first priority! Yeah yeah, everyone says that your child should be at the top of your list, but in all honesty, you can’t make sure anyone else is OK unless you are OK!

We are not just “Moms” either! We are wives, daughters, sisters, employees, bosses… I mean the list is endless. But yes, we are the primary caretakers for our children ( and husbands!).

My entire life people use to tell me all the time that I wouldn’t find love until I learned to love myself. I never really knew what that meant until I had my son. I was a hot mess in the beginning of my sons life. I was a single mom and didn’t have a damn clue what I was doing. I ran myself straight into the ground emotionally, physically, and mentally because ALL of my time and energy went into my son. I never left any time out for myself.

“You carry so much love in your heart for your family, why not give yourself some of that same love?”

In the midst of all the chaos in my “First Time Mom” life, I thought it was hilarious when someone told me that I needed to set time aside for myself, and make sure to take care of me. I would just laugh and laugh as i tried to scrape off the baby spit up that had been dried onto my shirt that I wore to bed the night before! Yeah, I was lucky to even find time to take a fucking shower. HA!

“Loving yourself isn’t vanity, its sanity!”

The first year and a half of my sons life I was so deep making sure he had everything he needed, and that I was a good employee, a good friend, a good daughter etc, that I completely lost …..well, ME! It got to the point that when I sat down to think about doing something for myself, I couldn’t even remember what I did before I had my son! I lost myself. I didn’t know who I was anymore. Krystle was missing. I was Mom. And that’s it.

I was drained completely and new it was time to try and take care of myself. But how? there just isn’t enough time in the day to do the Mom Thing, Work Thing and Every Thing else there is to be done.

My son is going to be three years old this September, so I like to say I have caught my footing a little bit. Over the last two and a half years I’ve learned that self care doesn’t have to be big, extravagant , or take up that much time! Self Care doesn’t have to be full body massages twice a month, or $50 Manicures! And you dont have to set aside hours and hours of time either. It’s much more simpler than that.

Simple Self Care Care Tips

  • Start a journal. Journaling is a really great and cheap way to care for yourself. If you are thinking that you don’t have time to journal, you’re wrong! My wonderful fiancé found me this perfect Five Minute Journal. 5 mins in the morning you write your intentions for that day and what you are thankful for. And 5 mins in the evening to list how the day could have been better, and list amazing things that happened that day as well. This can be very humbling. I really recommend it.
  • Do some Yoga. You don’t have to go spend money and drive across town to a yoga studio to get some time in on your mat! YouTube has thousands of videos!!! From beginner to experienced. And just practicing for 10-15 mins will make all the difference. Anytime you dedicate to yourself is worth it.
  • Have a cup of coffee in silence. Rather at home before everyone else gets up in the morning or at your favorite coffee shop by yourself. Just sit there alone with your thoughts and enjoy your coffee. Focus on how the coffee tastes, how warm it is in your hands, the way it smells. I do this just about every single day! My days tend to be very chaotic and fast paced, so it feels amazing to slow down and just enjoy the simple things sometimes.
  • Take a bath. This has become one of my weekly routines! I normally soak on Sundays in a detox bath, for 15-20 mins. Once the kiddo is in bed I let my fiance know that I am going to take a bath, this way he knows not to bother me, Check out my recipe for a relaxing detox bath: Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Bath Recipe.
  • Read a book. Even if it takes you months to read it cause you can only read a couple pages a night, start it anyway. I like to do this right before bed. It keeps me off my phone and helps me to relax and fall asleep much easier.
  • Dance & sing out loud. Yep! When I’m driving or I’m home alone I pick out some really upbeat music and I dance and sing my little heart out. I mean I really belt it out! Music is good for the soul and the dancing around just makes you feel good. At any given time if I’m home alone you could walk in on me with my broom microphone in a T-shirt just singing and dancing away. This always lifts my mood. Seriously try it!
  • So there ya have it. Just a few simple self care tips to start you out. They really are helpful. And your family will be thankful as well. No one wants a stressed out crazy mom. They want a happy joyful one.

    Always make time for yourself! YOU are always your first priority.

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