All Natural/Vegan Eczema Cream That ACTUALLY WORKS!!

Yes! You read that right!!!! An all natural eczema cream! No steroids, no gross stinky smell, and safe for children!!

For almost two years I have struggled with my two year old having rashes and breakouts on his legs, and my fiancé having a very severe case of eczema. And I mean bad!!! He breaks out all over his body, including his lips and eye lids.

We have tried everything on the market! Oatmeal baths, steroid creams- which worked but only after 4-5 applications a day for a week!! And in the evenings applying the lotion and then having to apply a layer of petroleum jelly over his entire body and sleep in long sleeves and pants. Can you imagine how uncomfortable that is? It was pure hell!

That doesn’t even account for the eczema break outs around his mouth and eyes, because you can’t use the steroid cream on or near your eyes and mouth. So he would just have to push through the break out till it decided on it’s own to go away! Also putting those chemicals into your skin is just not healthy. Not to mention the god awful smell of the lotion it’s self, but the smell of it when he starts sweating and it’s coming back out of his skin.

So when I decided to to convert my family to all natural and organic lifestyle I started looking into skin care. On my search I can across a company on Etsy called Meadowlark Botanical

I had previously ordered a bottle of Smudge Spray for my space when I practice Yoga from this shop, and absolutely loved it!  I remember having seen that she had eczema cream available in her shop.  

I thought why not, I will try it.  It wasn’t overly expensive and it had amazing reviews!

‘I couldn’t believe my eyes the next morning when we woke up! His back was almost completely clear !

I decided to just order the small one at first to give it a try. My fiance was all for it as he had recently just returned from Spring Snowboarding in Colorado and was in full break out.

My fiances back before we used the All Natural Eczema Cream.

So I went ahead and ordered it. The shipping was surprisingly fast! It came packaged very nicely, and the store owner Jessica, always writes a personalized message. On top of that she always throws in a small sample of another product that she hand makes! Mine came with a sample of Organic Facial Oil Cleanser. And when I had ordered the Smudge Spray it came with a sample of her Icelandic Facial Scrub, which was amazing! (I ordered that too!)

The All Natural Eczema Cream comes in a small cute and simple tin 2.5oz to be exact. It has a very faint lovely natural scent. A little bit of this stuff goes A LONG WAY! Which is great! That little tin lasted us almost a month!

We applied the cream that evening before bed…it is a little on the “greasy” side so I made sure to rub it in really well, and gave it about 5 mins to settle in before he covered up and snuggled in for the night. My Fiance said “Oh my god! As soon as you put it on the itching stopped! It was instant relief!”

“Oh my god! As soon as you put it on the itching stopped! It was instant relief!”

I couldn’t believe my eyes the next morning when we woke up! His back was almost completely clear! He couldn’t believe it either!

My Fiances Back after 2 Uses

I highly recommend this product for anyone who suffers from eczema or any other skin issue, as this cream has many uses. I’ve used it on my dry cracked hands, my 2 year olds dry skin rashes. The best part is its safe to use around eyes and mouth! My fiance loves that! We use this so much, and daily that I went ahead and ordered a larger tin, 4.5oz. Meadowlark Botanical also offers an even larger one at 8.5oz (That I will more than likely order!)

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