Are You Ready To Plunge Into Yoga?!

Are you ready to plunge into yoga?! Well, that’s exactly how I started! I was browsing through google one evening before bed, searching for ways to relieve stress. I wasn’t like super stressed out at that moment, but I am a mom, I work at a physically & mentally demanding job, a fiance’, and a wedding to plan. And when I get to juggling too many things at once I start to feel all floppy & off balance.

To my surprise, google kept conjuring up articles about Yoga. HA! I’m going on 35 years old, bending and twisting probably isn’t in my abilities any longer. But after skipping just about every article, I caved and decided to read one. It sounded interesting… and it seemed to be less demanding than other “work outs”. There was no running, or lifting heavy objects, and focused a great deal on breathing.

So I did some looking around to see what my town had to offer. A couple places popped up including a studio that offered “Hot Yoga”. Hot Yoga refers to yoga exercises performed under hot and humid conditions, typically leading to profuse sweating. Again I was not looking for anything strenuous.

Eventually I came across a studio called The Yoga Room. I called the number that was listed and thought maybe I’ll just get a little info, ask a few questions. And that I did!!!

The Yoga Room Located in Topeka KS

I asked a few basic questions about the benefits of yoga, and if could really help reduce stress levels. I spoke with Brenda, who I didn’t know at the time was one of the owners and an instructor. She informed me that the first class was free! Well hello!! If it’s free it’s for me!! So I gave her my information and she asked me to come in a little early to fill out some health background.

Picture after my very first yoga class L: Friend R: Myself

I didn’t want to go alone so I invited a friend to go with. We showed up early and got all settled in on the yoga mats that the studio provides if you don’t have your own. Actually, the studio provides you with all you will need for your practice.

This studio was lovely. The ambiance alone is relaxing. The lights were dimmed, and plinky, plunky, music played softly in the back ground. The faint smell of incense lingered and brought a sense of calm and grounding when you entered. Having never been to a yoga studio, I was expecting a more “gymy” type set up. This was not the case here. In all honesty it was very welcoming.

Inside The Yoga Room

There were mirrors to the left and the most beautiful field of sunflowers at the head of the studio.

That very class I took that night got me hooked INSTANTLY! I could not believe how amazing I felt afterwards! At one point during practice I found this quietness inside my head. It’s hard to explain but it was the kind of calm where you just aren’t thinking about ANYTHING! Total relaxation and acceptance of everything just the way it was at that very moment. It actually almost made me cry. I haven’t felt that kind of peace in years.

The poses were pretty easy, and the instructor did a marvelous job of slowly walking you through the poses, and guiding your breathe.

Owners of The Yoga Room At Fairlawn Plaza. L:Brenda R:Angela

I had immediately felt the benefits of yoga my very first class! And that is when I plunged into yoga. The very next day I bought my own mat, and my first pair of yoga pants.

I could sit here and type out 101 reasons to why you should take a class, and the benefits of Yoga. But all I’m going to say is Take The Plunge. You won’t regret it!

Click the link below if you are interested in the studio I belong to.

Location: The Yoga Room.

5331 SW 22nd Pl., Topeka, KS 66614



One thought on “Are You Ready To Plunge Into Yoga?!

  1. Krystle, my heart and soul leaps for joy because you found yoga, and have become a dedicated practitioner….and I am humbled that your journey started at The Yoga Room. You are on a path most never have the discipline to start, or if they do, they get side-tracked or merely dabble here and there. But you, no you have “taken the plunge” as you profoundly say. Becoming a student of yoga is like a baptism of sorts, because on the deepest layers of your being, EVERYTHING changes. You will never be the same because your awareness of yourself and the world around you is profoundly, yet subtly different because of mindfulness. A change in our awareness is the essence of yoga, not how flexible you are, or a fancy pose you’ve mastered. Weeding out the mindless chatter, becoming present, and listening to that inner wisdom which guides us to make wise decisions that support what matters most in our lives. That is the effects of a regular yoga practice. And that is what I see in you. Never forget: we are all just spiritual beings having a human experience. Om Shanti.

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